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My Rant For The Day,manual

This is going all over my Facebook feed. Although I am all for celebrating people no matter what their weight is, this seems to be skinny shaming. Especially the comments. Instead of using celebrities that are naturally skinny, he should have showcased plus sized celebrities. This sends the message that being skinny is a bad thing.

And there is a difference between bullying someone for their weight, and telling people that they should have life long healthy habits. The second one, I think, should be done more. But instead, people are afraid of telling people this, because it could seem like “bullying” and if you truly care about someone, it’s not bullying.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “My Rant For The Day

  1. In this century, skinny is the new fat. People who are not like like everyone else (in the history of mankind) are the first to be put down. It’s no problem; it’s just the way of homo sapiens, who are more like our primitive monkey relatives than we care to admit.

    I’m so glad I’m not on Facebook!

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