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How Do You Deal With Hate?

How do you deal with hate surrounding your food choices? I don’t get them to my face (or at least people don’t do it to my face, not sure what people do behind my back) but I’ve seen a lot of people online, especially when I search vegan or vegetarian on wordpress. People list reasons why vegans are judgemental people and that we need animal protein therefore vegans are wrong. And bad people. Or bashing the idea of raising children vegan, which I will do (hope my future husband is ok with this.)

I’m the kind of person who will get into an online “fight” about something I’m passionate about but get no where in the conversation. Mainly because both parties are super passionate about it. And I know that it’s not the right or best way to go about this.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “How Do You Deal With Hate?

  1. I used to try to defend myself, which usually ended up in a big fight where nobody won and everybody ended up feeling angry and misunderstood. Now I just smile and tell them that they are entitled to a choice about what they eat and so am I. I have come to realize that most people are scared of vegetarianism/veganism and will try to defend themselves by attacking first. I guess they think that us vegans are out to take their food away from them…


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