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Avoiding Awkward Situations While Vegan

I got free food after filming on set. I suspected that it had meat in it, and I was right.  I go back to set in the morning, and I know that someone is going to ask me how the food was.  Do I just say that I haven’t eaten it (which is true) because it was 10pm when I got back to my apartment (but I did make food so that would be sort of a lie.)  Or do I tell them that I didn’t eat it, I appreciated the thought but am vegan so won’t eat it.  I could just pretend that I am not vegan, except there is a BBQ at the end of filming and I wouldn’t eat any meat, eggs or cheese there anyways, so they will figure it out eventually.

My life and food is just a whole awkward situation.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

7 thoughts on “Avoiding Awkward Situations While Vegan

  1. Don’t underestimate people. If you are totally comfortable with your choices then other people will be too. People only react badly if you are uncomfortable, defensive or smug. Mostly. Unless they are a total ass then who cares?! Good luck


  2. I feel the same sometimes… I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand that you don’t want to eat meat or anything like that. 😦 sometimes I wish it was easier. I don’t like when people looks at me like yeah that health freak. Thanks for this post it makes me feel that I’m not the only one 😀

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  3. I have had this issue so many times on set. You have no idea haha. I usually just take food everywhere and tell people I’m vegan straight up. I’d prefer to make it easier for me, than easier for other people. Mostly because being hungry is the worst- especially when working with others on set.

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    1. I usually bring food to set with me if there will be food provided. Just in case, that way the director/producer won’t have to worry about it. 😛


  4. If you are abstaining from animal-based foods for ethical reasons, you should never miss a chance to voice your concern. But you can certainly be gracious in your abstention. Eat when you’re hungry, but always being prepared to eat your own food when you are out will avoid these situations. Cheers!


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