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The Starch Solution

I found this great book on called “The Starch Solution” by John Mcdougall, who is also a scientist. He backs up a vegan high starch diet with science and debunks many food myths like, you can only get protein from animal products and calcium can only come from cheese or milk.

This diet is eating mainly starch, like spaghetti, potatoes, beans, corn, rice, ect. as the majority of your meals. And unlimited fruits and vegetables throughout the day. He also debunks the myth that carbs can make a person fat, which isn’t true. The diet also restricts fat intake, like avocados and nuts (to eating them every once in a while.)

I’ve pretty much been eating this way since I became vegan but this book gives great tips and examples of foods that you should be eating.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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