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Why I’ve Stuck With It This Long and Why I’ll Keep With It

It’s been almost two years since I, purposely, ate meat. And I probably never will. My reasoning is, “I haven’t eaten meat for the past two years, why start eating it again now?” I also haven’t drank cows milk since middle school so more like 7 years, so why would I go back to that either.

To be honest, I’ve forgotten what meat tastes like. I know what meat smells like and it doesn’t smell that great anymore. My roommates cooking meat in the apartment smells, at least to me, like rotting flesh. And I tried to drink cow’s milk in high school and it tasted like salt, which is really weird.

Sometimes the comments get to you. My friends from back at home thought it was a phase and that in a few months I will be eating bacon burgers again, that was almost two years ago. My parents are now alright with it, but it took some convincing. I did switch over when I moved away and went to college so it was easier for me to do it then. I tried going vegetarian in high school but failed. Honestly I don’t remember how that conversation went with my parents. But now my mom is sending me vegetarian/vegan recipes that she and my dad have been trying. Even when I have moved out of the house. And now I’m vegan, haven’t really told them that yet. But I do live on the other side of the country and the next time I will be home is in the summer.

I’m not a huge person on telling people I’m vegan. Not because I’m ashamed by it but because I hate being the center of attention. I also hate answering a ton of questions about my lifestyle, that I really don’t think its anyone’s business what I choose to eat/not to eat. Whenever I eat out (which doesn’t happen that often) I tend to eat beforehand and then get a small side salad while I’m there. People do sometimes think I don’t eat but if you see what I eat before I leave then you see, I really do eat. A lot.

It has helped my health a lot. My stomach doesn’t hate me anymore. I have way more energy. And I overall feel great. So I won’t be turning back. It is a lifestyle that I have embraced and even though it is hard sometimes, it is totally worth it.

I apologize for the long post, I normally don’t write this much.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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