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Vegan Butter


Bought some vegan butter this weekend and tried it for the first time today.  It tastes just like regular butter but it’s vegan. It took me a while and some looking at butter packages to figure this out. The word vegan is on the bottom of the package, I think its a poor design.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Butter

  1. Yes. And some Smart Balance products have fish oil, which is not vegan. Always best to become a label-reader. PETA is a great source for vetting out brands and products that are vegan.


    1. I definitely checked to make sure that it was indeed vegan. On the bottom of the package it said it was vegan, which was weird because I would think that it should be where people can see it and not on the bottom.

      Thanks for commenting.


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