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The Amount of Work it Takes to Be Vegan

For the past few weeks I’ve eaten all whole foods and cooked all my meals.  The closest thing I get to “processed” foods is the occasional popcorn.  It’s a lot of work. Going to the store more often because what I eat is perishable, I can’t just pop in a microwave meal, since I’m not a huge fan of “fake” meat I usually won’t eat veggie burgers (unless I am eating out, which I usually don’t), having to figure out what I’m going to eat every meal.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and to bake.  And I love food.  So it doesn’t bother me that it takes work. But it takes a lot of effort and planning.

I’m learning about figuring out meal plans for the week (which will help me) and new exciting recipes to cook. I never knew how many things can be done with sweet potatoes.  This will definitely help me when I am living on my own and having a family.

But, ever since I haven’t eaten processed foods, dairy products, and kept things whole and natural, I feel amazing. My migraines that I usually have, has almost completely disappeared.  My stomach problems completely disappeared.  I usually have to take tums every day, now I don’t have to.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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