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My Vegan Protein Intake

One thing that I hear people say a lot is that vegetarians/vegans don’t get enough protein. I identify as a vegetarian but as you can see a majority of my days are vegan, with the exception of when I go out to eat. Then I try to be vegan but sometimes it doesn’t work.


Oatmeal- 6g of protein

Soy Milk- 1 cup- 8g

2 kiwi- 0.8g protien each (Total: 1.6g)

Breakfast Total= 14.6g


Salad with lettuce, pecans, dried cranberries

About two cups lettuce= 2 cups= 1g

Pecans= 1 cup= 9g

Dried cranberries=0g

Lunch Total= 10g


1 cup pinapple- 0.9g

1 cup rasberries- 1.5g

Snack Total= 2.5g


1 cup Kale- 2.9g

1 cup cucumber-0.3g

1/4 cup Chickpeas-10g

1 cup Tofu- 7g

Dinner Total=20.2g

Total Protein Intake: about 47.3g

Protein needed: 0.36g per pound. Since I’m around 100lbs I need 36g of protein a day. (This doesn’t include the homemade raspberry salad dressing I made and the salad dressing on my lunch.)


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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