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Eating Out as a Vegan/Vegetarian

Eating out as a vegetarian and now as a vegan is pretty hard.  Most places I go to have maybe one, sometimes two options available. Most people might say that it’s nice to have vegetarian/vegan options but in reality having only one thing that I can eat, isn’t much of an option. Most of the time its a salad, or maybe a veggie burger.

It would be nice to have more variety of options for vegetarian/vegan.  I know many meat eaters who would like a good tasty non-meat options sometimes.

But I do like it that Burger King has veggie burgers on the menu.  I don’t usually eat a fast food places as most of my meals are fresh and raw but when I go out with friends after protesting the planned parenthood next to our apartment building, its nice that I can actually eat something. Instead of eating nothing and pretending that I’m not hungry.  Other fast food places like Beef-a-Roo (a midwest thing that I miss after moving to California) also have veggie burgers as well as a veggie wrap.

What are other places that have great vegetarian/vegan options?  It would nice if I could find a list of, especially vegan friendly, but also vegetarian friendly restaurants.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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