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What Vegetarianism Taught Me About Me

Becoming vegetarian and now on the transition to veganism have changed how I look at my life.  For starters I pay more attention to what I am eating. Instead of grabbing chips and salsa for a really late snack, I’m grabbing kiwi or some other fruit.

I’m actually cooking. And I actually love it.  I used to just put microwave meals into the microwave for lunch and dinner.  Now I’m taking time out to research vegan recipes and try them.  This takes some time but in the end it’s really good.

I’m not getting bored with what I’m eating anymore.  I used to eat the same things over and over again.  Now that I’m becoming vegan I have so many choices. And I try to eat something new at least once a week.  I made vegan stuffed peppers last night.  Something that I’ve never made before.

My fridge is filled with fruit and vegetables. Instead of junk food.

Whenever I go out to eat (which isn’t that often) I am researching the nutritional value of things on the menu. First to make sure something is vegan but also to find the best most healthy thing there.

I have to explain to people my eating habits. Especially when I’m on set with a director or producer providing food. Usually I eat at home so it doesn’t come up but on the rare occasion that I eat somewhere else.

I’m not too concerned about how much I’m eating. I eat more now than I did before but I’m losing some weight. Without even trying. Cutting out junk food and pop almost completely also helps. Now I’ll drink pop once a month, if that. I used to drink it all the time.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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