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A Little Bit About Me

Besides being vegetarian there is a lot more to me than it seems.

1. I am currently a film student going for a communications media degree with an emphasis in producing.  I love business and I love film so this is the perfect combo of both.

2. In the future I want to create/produce children’s programming. For example, Disney Channel movies, television shows, maybe some Disney Jr.  Am also willing to work with Nickelodeon.

3. My favorite food is kiwi. I eat way too many of them.

4. I plan of moving to L.A. after graduation because once you move to California you never want to move back. (Especially to the midwest. Lol.)

5. I want 3 kids someday. (But I have to find a guy first. Which is seemingly impossible but I know that one day I’ll meet my future mr.)

6. I graduate at the end of Summer 2016. So I have around two(ish) years left.

7. I’m 21. But I choose not to drink.  Most people I meet who are not 21 and really confused by this.  I just don’t like it.

8. I can’t have caffeine. Which sometimes stinks because I love the smell/taste of coffee. And decaf still has trace amounts of caffeine in it.  And I shouldn’t have chocolate but I sometimes eat it anyways.  But eating several pieces of chocolate cake makes me sick. But I sometimes still eat it because it is so good. Lol.

9. Finally I was born and raised Catholic. I also went to private school all my life. Except for a public community college for two years. (Community College is great. I could still live at home and work. And it gave me the time needed to grow up a bit more so I could move across the country by myself. Something I couldn’t do right after high school.)


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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