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I’ve never really have eaten Kiwi before this week.  Decided to get some at the grocery store and love them.  I eat them like candy, whenever I need something sweet to eat (and I am trying to cut junk food and candy out all together) it gives me the sweetness I need, plus great vitamins.

1 cup of Kiwi= 270 percent of reccomended vitamin C (keeps you healthy and prevents colds)

1 cup of Kiwi= 81 percent of reccomended vitamin K (helps with blood clotting)

1 cup of Kiwi= 13 percent of reccomended vitamin E

1 cup of Kiwi= 552mg of potassium (help control blood pressure)

Also is low in calories.


Another great fruit I discovered at the grocery store.  Maybe I should get one new fruit each time I go.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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