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My Problem with Panda Express

Yesterday I ate at Panda Express.  Not of my choosing but I went out with friends and that was what they wanted.  I already feel like a burdon to them because I am the only one who doesn’t eat meat, so I didn’t say anything about the fact that Panda Express cooks everything in the same oil they cook their meat in.  Which means that I accidently ate a little bit of meat (opps).  I had Chow Mein, which according to the website seemed like the least harmful thing there.  I was wrong, took one bite of it and all I tasted was meat.  Now it probably is because I have not eaten anything with meat for way over a year so this is the first time I’ve had anything (knowingly) with meat in it.

My question is, “Why does a company do that?”  On their website they say that they are NOT vegetarian friendly.  What difference does it make if they used vegetable oil to cook their rice instead of the oil with meat? It would be healthier.  And vegetarians and vegans would be able to happily eat at their restaruant.  I love Chinese and Japanese food.  Mainly because of the rice and a plethora of vegetarian options.  But this is the last time that I eat at Panda Express.


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