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Why a Transitional Vegan?

“Where do you get your protein?”  “Do you ever miss meat?”  “Eventually you’ll turn around.”


A lot of people asked me this when I decided to become a vegetarian a little over a year ago.  I did it when I was away to college since my parents weren’t too keen on the idea.  Now they are fine with me not eating meat, but not so much about veganism.  Which is why I haven’t told them I’m trying to change.  I live on my own in an apartment across the country, so, in reality, I can do whatever I want.  (Veganism is a lot better than what I could be doing.  Just sayin’.)

So why?  I tried to become a vegetarian in high school but ultimately failed.  Mostly because I couldn’t cook so I had to eat what my parents made.  So I stayed a meat-eater, eating only chicken, turkey, and fish) until I moved away to college.  Then I decided to go vegetarian. Now I may try veganism, or at least mostly vegan.  Trying to become mostly raw vegan, who will eat no dairy (my stomach will thank me) and minimal eggs and processed foods.

I have heart disease, from birth through no fault of my own.  I need to take care of myself and my heart.  Which is why I became a vegetarian.  My stomach is always upset.  I think it’s because of the food I eat, especially processed foods and cheese.  So, for health reason, not so much animal rights, I am a vegetarian and will be a mostly vegan.

This blog is about that journey.  I will post recipes I find, and the troubles a vegan/vegetarian has in this meat obsessed world.

Rant time.  People, my friends and others, say that vegetarians are preachy.  Turn on the TV, what do you see?  Commercials about meat, with meat, and even if it isn’t meat they are selling, meat is in it.  Mashed potatoes commercials sell it with meat, any commercials about veggie burgers say that it’s a phase.  No wonder people aren’t to fond of vegetarians.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Why a Transitional Vegan?

  1. I have learned to love those questions. I take it as a chance to share what wonderful food we eat. Be careful with the sensitive stomach and a raw diet though! My stomach does best when I am at least minimally cooking food.


    1. Yes. Someone asked me what I eat. I’m like food that isn’t meat. Definitely not going completely raw but trying it to see if it helps.


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