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A Woman’s Thoughts on the Women’s March

Didn’t realize that the Women’s March was today until I got home from work and logged onto Instagram. All of the celebrities that I follow were posting about it.

What exactly do men have that woman don’t? I, as a woman, can vote, hold office, drive, work in whatever field I want, get an education, raise a family, stay single, live on my own, get a divorce… the list goes on.

In the 1920’s the woman’s marches were valid. It gave woman equal rights and gave them a chance to vote. But now, in America, we have all the rights that men have. Including the right to kill our own children. (Which is an entirely different topic.)

So instead we should be focusing on the woman in other countries that don’t have the rights we do.

  1. There are over 20 countries that don’t allow girls to get an education or restrict the education for women. Only 10 percent of girls in Chad even have elementary school education. In Turkey it is believed that women do not need education and it would spoil their daughters for marriage.
  2. There are 32 countries where a woman needs her husband/father’s permission to obtain a passport.
  3. In Israel a woman needs her husband’s permission to get a divorce.

And yet, we are marching for what?

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Vegans Stop Attacking Each Other

“She’s not a real vegan she posted that she went to Buffalo Wild Wings.” “You eat fast food, You fund the meat/dairy/egg industry.” “She doesn’t post animal rights stuff all over her online profile. She’s not a vegan.”

I’ve unfriended a vegan  group because of this particular reason. Vegans who think they are so entitled that they can dictate to other vegans why they aren’t “vegan enough”. This is why vegans have a bad name. There is no cookie cutter for what a vegan should look/act like. Vegans eat at Buffalo Wild Wings with friends and eats just a salad to show that vegans can be reasonable and not jerks. Vegans don’t post animal rights stuff all over their page because they want people to be surprised that they are vegan and not a complete a-hole. Not saying that you can’t post all over your page. Activist comes in many shapes and sizes. Personally I have influenced people not by shoving my beliefs down their throats but by living like a normal person who just happens to not eat animals. Lead by example.

There are many ways to be vegan. Junk food vegan, activist vegan, whole foods vegan, vegan who grows their own food. You don’t even have to fit into any of these molds. Show veganism in your own light. How you want to.

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Selling Rape to Kids?!?!

Haven’t blogged in a while (got a new job and been working a lot.) But decided to post about this, mainly because it upset me when I saw it. Was looking through the Farm and Fleet Toy Ad and saw some concerning toys. One of which is a rape rack (actual one pictured below.) And this is what comes up when you Google “rape rack” that’s the term that the dairy industry uses not a term that vegans made up.



I’m sorry. What?! I mean whose parents will buy them this? This is why kids don’t think it’s wrong. We desensitize them and teach them that it’s ok. I wonder if kids actually like playing with this or somewhere in the back of their mind they know it’s cruel.

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My Health is None of Your Business

Today someone asked me, “Is it really healthy to be that skinny?” Um… What kind of question is that? Would it be ok for me to ask someone, “Is it really healthy to be that fat?” No. It wouldn’t. Because someone’s health is nobodies business, unless they choose to tell you. Maybe someone is skinny because they are sick, have anxiety, or just a fast metabolism. Either way if the person doesn’t tell you these things you have no idea. You can’t tell someone’s health by looking at them. I mean you can tell if you see that a person eats nothing but candy and pop but other than that you can’t tell exactly what a person’s health is. Skinny, fat, in-between. Everyone has their own health stories. Each unique.

Yes. I’m skinny. I’ve always been skinny. More now since I’ve been fighting with anxiety over the past few years. This makes me not have an appetite. This, in addition to my already fast metabolism means that I’m at the lower end of “normal” BMI. But still in normal. Even if I wasn’t in normal it’s none of your business. It’s my business, my doctor’s business and nobodies else’s business.

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I’ve applied to a 100 jobs, maybe not but it feels like it, sent emails, had interviews. And nothing. I graduated almost a year ago, will be a year in September with a degree in Communications. It shouldn’t be that hard to find something. Right?

I know the economy is bad but a lot of my friends already have full time jobs after graduating before me or at the same time as me. It took them maybe a few months. But I’m still living at my parents spending my days applying for jobs, bing watching shows (currently I’m on Pretty Little Liars but the next episode isn’t until Tuesday and the show’s almost over. I just hope A isn’t like Ted or something), and trying not to die from being bored.

Talked to one of my friends from college earlier in the week and he’s going through the same thing, so I’m not entirely alone. But still. I long for some meaning in my life. To make a difference, have a meaningful career and to move out of my parents house.

I interviewed for a job I really want. Like really want. They said that they really liked my interview/ my personality and wanted me to send them writing samples and they’ll get back to me by the beginning of the week, which I did. Haven’t heard from them. Not sure at what point I should email them asking about it. Ok. So it’s not a job per say but it is a year long service project (paid with free housing). This way I’ll have something to do for the next year as well as some actually experience. And I wouldn’t have to pay rent and move out. A win win. You know if I get the job.

I’m still applying. Send out 5 applications and 3 emails yesterday. And about the same amount the day before that. And the day before that. I’ve even applied to stores and restaurants. But no, can’t get a job there either. I worked as a waitress at a retirement home for 2 years, I have serving experience. It shouldn’t be that hard to get something at a retirement home.

Anyone else in the same boat?

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What’s in my Vegan Kitchen

One of my newer Youtube videos. Be sure to like and subscribe. 🙂

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Problem with Vegans – Common Arguments

I normally love Roaming Millennial’s videos. So when I saw this video I thought that maybe I’d get some logical responses. But no. It was the same old responses I’ve heard many times before. (Disclaimer: This isn’t a hate post; and don’t go spreading hate on her channel.)

Here is a breakdown of her video.

  1. Animals are not intelligent enough, therefore we can eat them.
  2. Vegans are pushy.
  3. Vegans have nutritional problems and are lying when they say that a vegan diet is healthy for you.
  4. And there are health benefits from eating meats; some nutrients that vegans have to supplement.

Animals are not intelligent enough. I’ve heard this argument time and time again. She then starts talking about how dogs are intelligent and pigs are as intelligent as dogs. I don’t think your worth should be determined by how intelligent you are. There are people who are less intelligent because of a medical condition. Babies are not that intelligent either. So with her logic, and the logic of some non-vegans, we should be able to legally kill and eat them. A person’s worth should be based on the fact that person can suffer not on if that person can solve a complicated math problem.

Vegans are pushy and should shut up about their beliefs. Vegans are “pushy” because we see an injustice. So we should shut up every time we see an injustice like racism or slavery because it might hurt the feelings of the racists or slave owners?

Vegans have nutritional problems. She cherry picked studies. The study she used compared vegetarians and meat eaters. Vegetarians are not vegans. It also was based on people self reporting what they ate. It also didn’t say exactly what the vegetarians ate. If the vegetarian ate nothing but cheese and eggs then yes, they wouldn’t have better health than the meat eaters.

Vegans need B-12, therefore we need to eat meat. For starters livestock are supplemented with B-12. B-12 comes from bacteria not from meat. And if I had the choice between supplementing with B-12 or harming an animal.  I would take the B-12 supplement. There are plenty of non-vegans who need B-12 supplements as well. This isn’t an entirely vegan problem. According to Google more than 3 million people require B-12 supplements in the United States. Only about 1 million people in the US are vegan.